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Coral Care

Coral Care
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 Coral Care

Gem-quality black coral is an organic medium that has been highly polished to produce a high luster.

Natural grain lines and iridescent colorations add to the beauty and preciousness of the coral and complement this high luster.

At time, you may see these colors and grain lines begin to suface or become more prominent in the coral. This is a natural occurrence that adds to the uniqueness of your piece.

We recomment that you avoid exposing your coral to harsh chemicals such as cleaning agents, steam cleaners, hot tubs/spas and hard water that contains chlorine. maintain and clean your passman art peice by simply polishing the coral with a clean soft cloth and by using a very soft toothbrush and small amounts of water to clean diamonts. Always be sure to dry your Passman peice after exposing it to any water.

Should your black coral design need maintenance or repair we are available to assist you.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will be happy to answer your inquiries, we look forward to being of sevice.


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